Javanese wedding accessories

javanese wedding accessories

Javanese keris sword

javanese accessories from the bride

Casio gold watch and woven bracelets

casio gold watch

woven bracelets

If you love the watch, you can get this watch here

Sephora nail patch art

sephora nail patch art

sephora nail patch art 2

Leather armparty

armparty leather wristband

Pink bike lock

pink bicycle lock

berlin eberswalder strasse

Why not a matching color bike lock right?

Big leather briefcase matched with camo jacket

big leather briefcase and camo jacket

Tortoise frame and bowtie for men

tortoise glasses frame bowtie men

Accessories on wheels: Fixie with pigeon colorway

fixie with pigeon colorway

streets of copenhagen

This fixie has the colorway from that infamous nike sb pigeon dunk

JR Ledermanufaktur Leather Bags

 jr ledermanufaktur leather bag

 jr ledermanufaktur leather tote bag

If you are looking for a really really and i mean really strong leather bags. You should check Jörn Rischke (JR) Ledermanufaktur. I have seen them live and they are hard as a steel.

Black backpack with three pouches

Black backpack with three pouches

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