Fluffy ear warmers

fluffy ear warmers white and brown

Nürnberg hinter lorenzkirche

You can do a lot of things wrong by wearing ear warmers. But in this case i personally think that they both had very cool ear warmers.

Medium doctor bag and felt trilby hat with feathers

vintage doctor bag from velvet and leather

Felt trilby hat with feathers

photo of nürnberg near osheas irish pub

You just gotta love the vintage medium doctor bag.

Wallet chain multiple dices

wallet chain from multiple dices

wallet chain from dices in close up

Multi colored bracelets

multi colored bracelets

Strawberry pendant and red socks

thomas sabo strawberry pendant

red and white socks

All red everything. Matching pendant and socks.

Red tassel earrings and socks with cherry pattern

socks with cherry pattern

red tassel earrings

rings with various stones

I personally think the socks with the cherry pattern are killer! So silly yet so ballin. What do you all think?

Mrs heimweh felt cross body bag

Mrs heimweh filz handtasche

A lovely door from an apartment in nürnberg

I took a pic of the bag because it had “Mrs Heimweh” written on it. Mrs Heimweh is german for Mrs Homesick. And i was a little bit homesick at that moment. Yeah i kinda miss Jakarta right now.

Leather pouch purse

Pouch purse leather in brown

Nürnberg Kaiserburg

Blue panasonic headphone and a skateboard

A skater with blue panasonic headphones

blue panasonic headphone worn by a skater

I personally think that skaters can make simple things look cool. These are actually just normal blue panasonic headphones but they sure caught my attention when that skater was grindin on the park bench

Accessories on wheels: white enik singlespeed

singlespeed frames form enik in white

aerospoke singlespeed wheels in white

White wheels fixie bike

I love how people just signed the back wheel.


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