Coffeeshops Menu and Strain Search

Coffeeshops Menu and Strain Search

If you are travelling to Holland and you are a fan of Coffeeshops then you should definitely use this website . You can easily find out where to buy your favorite weed strains and you can also look at the menu from the coffeeshops in holland so you can compare prices and products.

Have fun :)

Interview BPM Mens Outfitter


If youre a man and you need to wear a shirt to work, sometimes you are in the mood to wear something in between casual and formal. There arent that many brands who make handmade shirts exactly for this need. Well i came across this brand BPM Mens Outfitter and they are definitely worth checking out. This is their Instagram

1. Describe your brand with three words:
Simple, creative, dignity
2. Tell us why your brand kicks ass:
Based on Nature of the Tailor handmade that suit your day for style.
3. Name one accessory you cant live without and why:
Phone to call my Son and Daughter at home.
4. Fill in the blanks: When i was a kid ….. and now ….
I dreamt to be a rich person and now the journey has begun
5. What would be your last meal:

Shirt1 BPM Store



Interview Clique Beer – Aint nobody f**king with our Beer

Clique Logo

The next interview is from a dope beer brand in Germany. Its arguably the first brand of beer, which was exclusively made for the high end Hip Hop and Street Culture. Afer tasting a bottle of their finest Red Beer, you know they arent fucking around. Their beer tastes really good. They use a special kind of malt that makes the beer dark and red. Their brewer is one of the best in Bavaria, Germany. And if you know something about beer, the bavarian region is the home of worlds finest beers. So if you are in the region dont forget to try Clique Beer

1. Describe your brand with three words:
Dopest Beer Ever

2. Tell us why your brand kicks ass:
Its just the perfect embodiment of Hip Hop´s finest poured into a very high quality german Red Beer. Put that in a dope ass bottle and you get Clique Beer

3. Name one accessory you cant live without and why:
My glasses. I cant see shit without them

4.Fill in the blanks: When i was a kid… and now …
I cant answer that question because im still just a kid in my head.

5. What would be your last meal:
My last meal would be a plate of mutton fried rice from „Lalan“ in Jakarta


Instagram: @clique_bier

Facebook: @cliquebier

Twitter: @clique_bier

Clique Werbung

Clique Bier Werbung 2

Clique Bier Join them

Clique Bier Bottle

Clique Bier Black Bag

The Comeback of the 90´s french brands

kenzo and moschino sweater

Since Riccardo Tisci took over the creative director post at Givenchy back in 2005, the french brand founded in 1952 is suddenly relevant again. The brand has been dominating the high end street wear scene for the last three years like Lebron James in the NBA. Sure it helped that Kanye was rockin Givenchy two years ago and it doesnt hurt the brand either that every rapper and baller is wearing the shark or doberman print sweater to the point where i thought Givenchy was the uniform of rappers. But you have to give it to Tisci, he made some sick pieces. And just like that, the brand which i never heard of again since my Kurt Cobain days, is back.

Now of course if you were also a french brand who were cool way back in the time where ecstasy were called ecstasy and not molly, you would want to comeback again like Givenchy so 2Chainz could make a reference of your brand in one of his lyrics. And this is exactly what is happening at the moment. I have been seeing a lot of 90´s french brands who is trying to make a comeback. The interesting thing about it is, all the brands are doing the same or very similar strategy. They are all entering the high end streetwear market. From Kenzo, Moschino to Chevignon, these brands are distributing to stores like Mr Porter, Caliroots (The C-Store) and SOTO. Of course Kenzo is making the loudest noise right now. That tiger print sweaters are as highly demanded as the Blue Magic from Frank Lucas. Yes Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are killing it right now and Bernard Arnault is laughing straight to the bank again.

So is this like the recipe for a successful comeback? Hire young talented and relevant designers then enter the high end streetwear market and endorse some hot rappers? I would dare to say yes. Yes untill every brand is doing it and it becomes so predictable and boring. But until then, if youre luxury brand is trying to make a comeback then this is your safest bet. So i guess ill see you soon DKNY?

So what do you think about these brands making a comeback? Drop a comment below.

What the fuck have i been doing?

burgundy vacation with curated wares


It has been four months since the last time i updated this blog. To say that i didn’t have the time would be a lie. Im a straight out workaholic. Waiting is my kryptonite, i just cant stand still and not do anything for five minutes. Maybe thats why im actually working for two companies in two different continents with six hours of time differences so no matter what time it is, there is always work. My brutal honest for not blogging would be simply just be, i was and still am uninspired. See i started this blog to express my love for fashion and to get invited to fashion shows and trade events. And i did get the invitations, maybe not for the LV show in Paris but they were for major shows and events in the hipster capital city of Germany. But it was enough to show me one thing, fashion and fashion industry are two different things. Fashion, i love but fashion industry? not so much. Its like when you really like a girl and find out she´s a heartless bitch. The kind of bitch that would inspire Kanye West to make songs on the 808 Album. But that doesn’t mean there arent cool people in the industry. But its a one package deal, at least for me. Like when you marry a girl, you marry the whole family.

I didnt like how fashion is about stuntin and not about being true to yourself anymore. Nowadays people look all the same around the world. The brands are all doing the same thing. You could think you dress differently but you cant, because you were also inspired by blogs that were read by people all over the world. So why should i blog them again? Just to put another shit on the already existing pile of dump so it will stink worse? I don’t want that. Social Media is also not about sharing anymore its about showing off. Which is fun at the beginning but it gets boring faster than i could eat a currywurst.

Another problem of mine is i tend to try to please everyone with the blog. I know the saying you cant please everyone and fuck the haters, but its easier said than done. We as human try by default to put something out that everyone will like. I need to fix my mentality first.

So where should this blog go? Where can i still have fun and still be inspired in the long run. I hope i can find an inspiration to do something awesome again. Maybe i should just do it like Wieden & Kennedy told Nike.

Dont forget to leave your comments below…I would like to hear your opinion on this.

Fashion Killa

fashion killa cover














Our latest fashion spread titled Fashion Killa. You can download the full spread as Pdf here . Dont forget to listen to HAM by Jay and Kanye while looking at the pictures

Song of the day: Chris Brown – Fine China

Chris Brown - Fine China

Chris Brown – Fine China

BLKDNM Hoody and Balenciaga High Tops

BLK DNM Hoody and Balenciaga sneakers

Undftd varsity and raised by wolves snapback

Undftd varsity and raised by wolves snapback

Dont let bitches kill his vibe tho…stuntin with the raised by wolves snapback and undftd varsity jacket

Supreme t shirt and ski mask

black supreme t shirt

Looking like he came from the good music video shoot with the black supreme t shirt and a ski mask

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