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It has been four months since the last time i updated this blog. To say that i didn’t have the time would be a lie. Im a straight out workaholic. Waiting is my kryptonite, i just cant stand still and not do anything for five minutes. Maybe thats why im actually working for two companies in two different continents with six hours of time differences so no matter what time it is, there is always work. My brutal honest for not blogging would be simply just be, i was and still am uninspired. See i started this blog to express my love for fashion and to get invited to fashion shows and trade events. And i did get the invitations, maybe not for the LV show in Paris but they were for major shows and events in the hipster capital city of Germany. But it was enough to show me one thing, fashion and fashion industry are two different things. Fashion, i love but fashion industry? not so much. Its like when you really like a girl and find out she´s a heartless bitch. The kind of bitch that would inspire Kanye West to make songs on the 808 Album. But that doesn’t mean there arent cool people in the industry. But its a one package deal, at least for me. Like when you marry a girl, you marry the whole family.

I didnt like how fashion is about stuntin and not about being true to yourself anymore. Nowadays people look all the same around the world. The brands are all doing the same thing. You could think you dress differently but you cant, because you were also inspired by blogs that were read by people all over the world. So why should i blog them again? Just to put another shit on the already existing pile of dump so it will stink worse? I don’t want that. Social Media is also not about sharing anymore its about showing off. Which is fun at the beginning but it gets boring faster than i could eat a currywurst.

Another problem of mine is i tend to try to please everyone with the blog. I know the saying you cant please everyone and fuck the haters, but its easier said than done. We as human try by default to put something out that everyone will like. I need to fix my mentality first.

So where should this blog go? Where can i still have fun and still be inspired in the long run. I hope i can find an inspiration to do something awesome again. Maybe i should just do it like Wieden & Kennedy told Nike.

Dont forget to leave your comments below…I would like to hear your opinion on this.