kenzo and moschino sweater

Since Riccardo Tisci took over the creative director post at Givenchy back in 2005, the french brand founded in 1952 is suddenly relevant again. The brand has been dominating the high end street wear scene for the last three years like Lebron James in the NBA. Sure it helped that Kanye was rockin Givenchy two years ago and it doesnt hurt the brand either that every rapper and baller is wearing the shark or doberman print sweater to the point where i thought Givenchy was the uniform of rappers. But you have to give it to Tisci, he made some sick pieces. And just like that, the brand which i never heard of again since my Kurt Cobain days, is back.

Now of course if you were also a french brand who were cool way back in the time where ecstasy were called ecstasy and not molly, you would want to comeback again like Givenchy so 2Chainz could make a reference of your brand in one of his lyrics. And this is exactly what is happening at the moment. I have been seeing a lot of 90´s french brands who is trying to make a comeback. The interesting thing about it is, all the brands are doing the same or very similar strategy. They are all entering the high end streetwear market. From Kenzo, Moschino to Chevignon, these brands are distributing to stores like Mr Porter, Caliroots (The C-Store) and SOTO. Of course Kenzo is making the loudest noise right now. That tiger print sweaters are as highly demanded as the Blue Magic from Frank Lucas. Yes Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are killing it right now and Bernard Arnault is laughing straight to the bank again.

So is this like the recipe for a successful comeback? Hire young talented and relevant designers then enter the high end streetwear market and endorse some hot rappers? I would dare to say yes. Yes untill every brand is doing it and it becomes so predictable and boring. But until then, if youre luxury brand is trying to make a comeback then this is your safest bet. So i guess ill see you soon DKNY?

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