Which scarves for this fall

Accessories for this fall

leopard scarves

louis vuitton scarves

abstract scarves

Which scarves are you going to be wearing this fall? the colorful ones or more of the greyish ones? I personally sometimes get bored to see people always wear the same color pattern every fall and winter. Its black, light grey…dark grey…purple, camel brown and navy blue…i think a lil bit of color wouldnt hurt dont you think?

Vintage military bag

military vintage bag

military vintage bag

There is something so appealing about buying vintage bags. First of all they always have a better quality than the bags they are producing nowadays, and vintage bags often have a timeless design. The fact that there is an unknown history behind every bag  gets me excited.

Louis V. and Tom F.

louis vuitton iphone case

I love a fine piece of accessories that you dont wear on your body. A good example is this iPhone Case from Louis Vuitton, it´s something very valuable for yourself that you dont always need to show it to others. As for the Tom Ford eyewear, what else can you do but love the understated logo.

Uniform Wares the 200 series

mens watch on curated wares

What else can you say about this watch from uniform wares the 200 series. You can wear it to everything from just a normal t-shirt to a suit. Another really nice watch that you might also like is this Tsovet watch

Shiny spikes and metal rings

spike bracelet and metal rings

Silver bracelet and rings

silver bracelet and rings

Thick bracelet and denim

thick bracelet accessories

Nixon gold watch and leopard bag

nixon time teller gold

I really love the nixon time teller especially this colorway because it looks really sleek. The design is very simple and you can wear it to everything. You can buy this cool nixon watch here

Hello beautiful people!

We will soon be curating beautiful accessoires for men and women directly from the streets….stay tuned!

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