Party accessories in black and white

various bracelets for party accessories

ring with peace sign

cool and sexy purse

Wallet chain multiple dices

wallet chain from multiple dices

wallet chain from dices in close up

MCM coin wallet and dark blue bowtie

MCM coin wallet cognac

Dark blue blowtie

Bowtie dark blue and skull ring

Dont get bored yet because of my back-to-back MCM postings. I´ve just been seeing them alot. But then again i wont complain because i think they look fly. What do you think of the MCM comeback?

Bracelets, bracelets and some more bracelets

Bracelets and louis vuitton wallet

louis vuitton print wallet

bracelets accessories

black and gold ring

bellavista prague castle

the view bellavista prague castle

If you happen to be in Prague, there is a restaurant near the prague castle with a magnificent view over the city. Its called Bellavista. You might think that they would have a ridiculous tourist price but they dont. They charge everything just like other restaurants in Prague. A meal and a glass of wine cost round 10 Euros.  The food are also good, so it´s worth checking out when you are in Prague.

Louis V. and Tom F.

louis vuitton iphone case

I love a fine piece of accessories that you dont wear on your body. A good example is this iPhone Case from Louis Vuitton, it´s something very valuable for yourself that you dont always need to show it to others. As for the Tom Ford eyewear, what else can you do but love the understated logo.

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