TIMEX Weekender and YSL Leather Double Braided Bracelet

Timex YSL

Silver bracelets left and right

silver bracelet round

spike silver bracelet

Gold bowtie bracelet

gold bowtie bracelet

gold bowtie bracelet chain

rothenburg ob der tauber gasse

Silver spike bracelet and two finger ring

spike bracelet and two finger ring

silver spike bracelet

silver two finger ring

Javanese wedding accessories

javanese wedding accessories

Javanese keris sword

javanese accessories from the bride

Casio gold watch and woven bracelets

casio gold watch

woven bracelets

If you love the watch, you can get this watch here

Leather armparty

armparty leather wristband

Bonnie Strange swaggin in Berlin

various accessories from bonnie strange

Hats and glasses from Bonnie Strange

bracelets and bags from Bonnie Strange

I love the whole accessories game here. She doesnt hold back one bit in showing her personality and we love that kind of attitude. So thank You Bonnie Strange for being so cool. Dont forget to like her Facebook Page

Party accessories in black and white

various bracelets for party accessories

ring with peace sign

cool and sexy purse

MCM Clutch and bracelets game

MCM Medium Clutch

White casio g shock and bracelets

Black socks with white dots

I guess MCM is really making a comeback huh? Everybody is loving it. As for the wrist game, either you go with very simple or you go all out like this one. Just put every bracelets you have and a nice piece of watch on and you are good to go. Dont forget the socks…the socks is the key.

hashtag party


tweets and tweets and tweets


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