TIMEX Weekender and YSL Leather Double Braided Bracelet

Timex YSL

Casio gold watch and woven bracelets

casio gold watch

woven bracelets

If you love the watch, you can get this watch here

Red beanie and gold watch for men

red beanie and gold watch for men

If you are also looking for a cool gold watch, this one from nixon is quite nice. Check it out here

YSL Belt and various accessories

ysl belt worn with gold watches

ysl belt close up photo

Love the belt, the gold watch, the leather chain and that little hint of tattoo…

Boccia titanium watch for men

Boccia titanium watch for men

boccia titanium watch for men close up shot

Nixon time teller p in blue and javanese rings

Blue nixon time teller p and javanese rings

Nixon time teller p in blue

javanese jewellery

This Nixon time teller p watch was the reason why i like Nixon at the first place and started my obsession with simple and sleek watches. I myself wear the beautiful uniform wares 200 series but its safe to say that the Nixon time teller p showed me how beautiful simple watches can be.

White and grey business accessories

White ceramic watch

silver pendant accessory

Undercut crown

The Undercut

The Undercut CloseUp

Gold Watch

You know the old saying “women´s hair are their crown” ? well this is a good example. I dont want to discuss if the undercut is still in trend because my blog is not about trend scouting…its about spotting beautiful accessories. And if a crown is an accessory, this girl is surely wearing her crown right. I like how the undercut looked on her. It just looks so cool and effortless.

My most essential accessory: Omega Speedmaster Professional – Bagoes

Watch Omega Speedmaster Professional

The story behind why a particular accessory means a lot to someone really intrigues me. Thats why i decided to do a “my most essential accessory” post, where you all can send me a picture of that one piece of accessory you cant live without and tell me a little story about why that accessory means so much to you. I will post the interesting ones on curated wares.  Just send it to my email or mention me on twitter curated wares . I cant wait to hear your stories!

So the first post for “my most essential accessory” comes from a friend of mine. His name is Bagoes and lives in Berlin. That one accessory that means the most for him is the Omega Speedmaster Watch that was passed on from his late father. So this is a heirloom or what i would like to call “a piece of memory that you can wear”. I can fully understand him why he cant live without this watch. You just cant live without something that reminds you of someone you really love. Thanks for sharing your story with us man!

Vintage watches never dissapoint

Longines Vintage Watches

Longines Watch Close-Up

Vintage Pocketwatch

Pocketwatch Vintage Close-Up

I just love watches that were passed on. They are just full of stories. Oh btw… Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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