Rastafara accessories

rastafara accessories

Backpack with psychedelic pattern

backpack psychedelic pattern

Javanese wedding accessories

javanese wedding accessories

Javanese keris sword

javanese accessories from the bride

Black bowtie and yellow leather belt

black bowtie and yellow leather belt

Heart buckle

heart buckle for accessories

YSL Belt and various accessories

ysl belt worn with gold watches

ysl belt close up photo

Love the belt, the gold watch, the leather chain and that little hint of tattoo…

Goorin bros flatcaps

goorin bros flatcap worn by a dapper man

a dapper man wearing goorin bros flatcap, bowtie and suspenders

Goorin Bros – Bold Hatmakers since 1895

Belt from Bullets

Belts from Bullets

I wonder if you can really use the bullets…

A mix of accessories

Belt and Pierre Cardin Bag

Bag Pierre Cardin

Belt Accessories

Black and Flower Ring

Earring Snake

I love how she got rid all of the button on her coat and used a belt instead. It gives the coat a whole new look. As for the bag, i dont find this kind of form too often so im glad i took a picture of it.

Leather belt with zipper

Leather Belt with Zipper

Leather Belt Zipper Close-up

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