Goddess Of Victory Pendant – Nike

Goddess Of Victory Pendant Nike


The Nike Mythology – Goddess Of Victory

Gold net necklace

gold net necklace

Zara necklace and Primark earring

zara necklace

primark gold earring

Safety pins necklace – DIY

safety pins necklace

safety pins necklace sidelook

Just get a bunch of safety pins, bind them up and you have a pretty fresh necklace.

Necklace in form of a camera and an envelope

necklace camera and envelope form

necklace camera envelope detail

Javanese wedding accessories

javanese wedding accessories

Javanese keris sword

javanese accessories from the bride

Metal plate necklace accessory

necklace accessories metal plate

Pink plastic bowtie

pink bowtie seen on bread and butter 2012

This look with the pink plastic bowtie somehow makes a lot of sense. I love his swag

Psychedelic color

psychedelic accessories

psychedelic feather necklace accessories

psychedelic color necklace with feathers

pink psychedelic ring accessories

Gold and silver mix

gold and silver accessories

accessories gold necklace

gold and silver bracelet

pink flower ring

hashtag party


tweets and tweets and tweets


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