Jimmy Fairly ‘Steve’ Sunglasses

jimmy fairly steve sunglasses

It’s finally summer in town and we love to see all the pretty and stylish boys and girls hanging out on the streets. Today i spotted my collegue Benny while we’re on the way to have a good light lunch in Berlin-Mitte when he swaggin his brand new Baker-Cap and his good stylish sunglasses from Jimmy Fairly.

Rastafara accessories

rastafara accessories

Euro 2012 Accessories – Lets Go Germany

euro 2012 accessories

Persol Keyhole Sunglasses

persol keyhole sunglasses

You can buy this persol keyhole sunglasses here

Vintage Ray-Ban Aviator 1970 Original

vintage rayban aviator original

Damn, you know its original from the 1970 when you can see the worn leather on the aviator.

Small round glasses

small round glasses

würzburg festung marienberg

Dittmer + Dittmer Eyewear

dittmer dittmer glasses

dittmer dittmer glasses detail

earring funny black skull

nürnberg henkersteg

Dittmer + Dittmer is a very old school brand who still produces handmade glasses. They normally dont make a model twice either so this brand is very interesting. You can only get them in Nürnberg since they are a very small local brand. But the quality is top notch.

Studded bowler hat and chrome hearts eyewear

studded bowler hat chrome hearts glasses

chrome hearts eyewear sidelook

Accessories and denim

accessories and denim

Tortoise frame and bowtie for men

tortoise glasses frame bowtie men

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