Vintage christian dior shades

Christian Dior Shades

Vintage Shades Christian Dior

Sidelook Vintage Christian Dior

Nürnberg Dom

Well what can i say, you are never too old for fashion. And this wonderful lady looks astonishing with those christian dior shades. She didnt bought them in a vintage shop thou. She bought them back in her teenage years and kept it until now. I just love that kind of story. But its too bad that most of luxury brands nowadays dont offer that kind of high quality in their products anymore. I just cant imagine that the luxury shades you get today can hold up to 40 years. I say too bad…what do you think?

Soulful accessories

Soulful Accessories

The second i saw this guy i could just feel how soulful he is and i was right. We talked a bit and he is a genuine guy. As i said before, i love when people where accessories that not anyone can wear and i surely could not pull of that hat.

Psychedelic color

psychedelic accessories

psychedelic feather necklace accessories

psychedelic color necklace with feathers

pink psychedelic ring accessories

Louis V. and Tom F.

louis vuitton iphone case

I love a fine piece of accessories that you dont wear on your body. A good example is this iPhone Case from Louis Vuitton, it´s something very valuable for yourself that you dont always need to show it to others. As for the Tom Ford eyewear, what else can you do but love the understated logo.

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