Marshall Headphones Major Black

What a nice product display. Seen at Silk Relations Showroom in Berlin.

O-Case Cement Hard Case for iPhone

o case cement hard case iphone

levis asymmetrical jacket

bridge in nürnberg

If you like the elephant skin on your air jordan III then this case might be the one for you. Get this iPhone case from O-case here

Nintendo iphone case

iphone case nintendo

You can get this nintendo iphone case on amazon for around 3-5 dollars.

Iphone Retro Handset

iphone retro handset in pink glitter

retro handset for iphone in pink

retro handset for iphone in blue

I have to admit, the first time i saw this retro handset for iPhone i thought it was silly and i didnt think anyone would actually use it. But after seeing it a couple of times, its just about having fun. Plus if you have an iPad this can really come in handy. I mean you cant put that huge iPad to your ear right? i mean you can but i dont know if you should. So would you use the retro handset for iPhone?

Orange Urbanears headphones

urbanears heaphones in orange

Urbanears is just putting out some cool colors right now

Accessories on wheels: Simson schwalbe in blue

simson schwalbe blue

Simson schwalbe front

Nürnberg wall

Timeless piece

Bobble beanie and contrabass

bobble beanie and contrabass

the streetles in nürnberg

Musician just makes everything looks cool dont you think? If you know how a contrabass looks like you would agree that it just looks very beautiful. I came across this amazing band “The Streetles” last week in Nürnberg. The band consists of a contrabassist and a guitarist and basically they just tour around the streets of cool cities in Europe and cover songs. But they are not just covering songs..No no…they cover it so well that the songs sound better when they are playing it. You dont believe me? Just go to their facebook page, give some love by liking the page and enjoy the videos here.

Headphone Sony MDR 570LPG

Sony Heaphone MDR 570LPG

Blue panasonic headphone and a skateboard

A skater with blue panasonic headphones

blue panasonic headphone worn by a skater

I personally think that skaters can make simple things look cool. These are actually just normal blue panasonic headphones but they sure caught my attention when that skater was grindin on the park bench

AKG headphones and cassette necklace

akg headphones and cassette necklace

cassette necklace

akg headphones

berlin weinmeisterstrasse

Oh man where do i even begin? This look must be one of my best findings so far. I mean to make a necklace out of cassettes is one thing but to actually pull it off is a whole other story. And this guy pulls it off perfectly. From the beanie, glasses, akg headphones to the cassette necklace it all makes sense. This kind of creativity is what motivates me to take photos everyday.

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