Accessories and musicians

Wristbands from Music Festivals

Ethnic Bracelets and a Mic

I love musicians and everything around it. How the instruments look, the spirit of the musicians, i just cant get enough of it. Take a look at the first picture. He is so passionate about music festivals that he is just going to keep wearing the wristbands from all the festivals he went to until they are all worn off. And when i see that, i see character and i love that. On the second picture you can see how a mic could change the whole feeling of a photo. Thats why i love musicians. And yes, in case you were wondering i can play the drums, guitars and bass.

Random accessories pt. 1

Necklaces being displayed on Vitrine

Chilean Bag

Braided Hair with Pearl Earring Accessories

An Earring looks like a Mentos

Pearl Bracelets Accessories

Bracelets, bracelets and some more bracelets

Bracelets and louis vuitton wallet

louis vuitton print wallet

bracelets accessories

black and gold ring

bellavista prague castle

the view bellavista prague castle

If you happen to be in Prague, there is a restaurant near the prague castle with a magnificent view over the city. Its called Bellavista. You might think that they would have a ridiculous tourist price but they dont. They charge everything just like other restaurants in Prague. A meal and a glass of wine cost round 10 Euros.  The food are also good, so it´s worth checking out when you are in Prague.

Red, blue and denim

red belt accessories

red belt and denim

red leather armband

red leather armband accessories

leopard scarves

prague near charles bridge

prague in front of charles bridge

Gold and silver mix

gold and silver accessories

accessories gold necklace

gold and silver bracelet

pink flower ring

Shiny spikes and metal rings

spike bracelet and metal rings

Silver bracelet and rings

silver bracelet and rings

Thick bracelet and denim

thick bracelet accessories

hashtag party


tweets and tweets and tweets


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