Soccer pendant

Thomas Sabo Soccer Pendant

I always love accessories that reveal a little bit about yourself. This pendant was worn by a girl who actually plays soccer and is good at it. So the pendant alone is cool but after i found out the story behind it, i just had to take a picture of it.

Alma vernis bag

Handbag Louis Vuiton Alma Vernis

Dont get me wrong, im a big fan of Louis Vuitton. But its always nice to see someone wearing an LV Bag other than the authentic monogram.

Gold buttons on old coats

Gold Button Red Coat

Gold Button Grey Coat

If you have any old coats that you dont want to throw away just yet but you are bored of wearing them. Go buy some gold buttons and replace the old ones. Simple and quick but it actually gives the coat a whole new look. For some of you who have already tried this….Gold button works wonder right?

Leather satchel and a fluffy bobble

Leather Satchel Fluffy Bobble

I cant actually remember anymore if i took the picture because of the leather satchel or the fluffy bobble hanging on it.

Accessories on wheels: green mini

Accessory on Wheels Green Mini

I posted a very beautiful bicycle a while ago and named the post “accessory on wheels”. I thought that was the only one but the second i saw this i just have to make another one. This is a timeless piece of artwork. I mean lets be honest, mr. Bean would not have been such a swagger without his mini. And the green color? its the cherry on top.

My most essential accessory: Omega Speedmaster Professional – Bagoes

Watch Omega Speedmaster Professional

The story behind why a particular accessory means a lot to someone really intrigues me. Thats why i decided to do a “my most essential accessory” post, where you all can send me a picture of that one piece of accessory you cant live without and tell me a little story about why that accessory means so much to you. I will post the interesting ones on curated wares.  Just send it to my email or mention me on twitter curated wares . I cant wait to hear your stories!

So the first post for “my most essential accessory” comes from a friend of mine. His name is Bagoes and lives in Berlin. That one accessory that means the most for him is the Omega Speedmaster Watch that was passed on from his late father. So this is a heirloom or what i would like to call “a piece of memory that you can wear”. I can fully understand him why he cant live without this watch. You just cant live without something that reminds you of someone you really love. Thanks for sharing your story with us man!

Nudie Jeans leather keyring

Leather Keyring Nudie

Leather Keyring Nudie Jeans

Knitted bobble beanie: white, blue and red

Knitted Bobble Beanie

5 Questions for a Designer or a Brand Owner: Corter

Corter Leather

Well what can i say, its because of brands like Corter that started my obsession with highly crafted leather goods. So when he decided to do the interview you would know how happy it made me. Corter Leather is a one man operation! (very cool, i know). Everything is 100% hand made by the maker Eric Heins. Holes are punched and sewn by hand. He uses no templates so no two pieces are completely alike. So i wont keep you waiting any longer. Check out his interview:

1. Describe your brand with three words: Handmade leather goods

2. Tell us why your brand kicks ass: The old wallets were so thick they’d actually kick ass- leaving holes in jean pockets and black and blue butt cheeks. These days, I’d like to think Corter kicks ass because it stays true to what I’ve always wanted it to do- affordable, high quality, accessible leather goods. I’ve also been able to do a bit of charity with the brand, raising and sending $32,000 to the Red Cross for relief in our beloved Japan in less than 4 weeks time with the sale of a special bracelet. I’m pretty proud of that.

3. Name one accessory you cant live without and why: Even though I don’t use it anymore, the first wallet I ever made is very special to me. Since I’m self taught its a nice reminder of how far my skill has progressed.

4. Fill in the blanks: When i was a kid ….. and now ….
When I was a kid I was putting digital surround sound in my mom’s car just so I could learn how it works, building guitars, riding bikes, and making finger skateboard ramps and parks. Now I make a living with my hands- things aren’t much different.

5. What would be your last meal: Easy decision- steak burrito from Qudoba and/or my grandma’s chicken parm. Chocolate cake from Charlies on Newbury St. for desert.

Thank you Eric for the interview.

If you are also into highly crafted leather goods be sure to check Corter Leather out here


A mix of accessories

Belt and Pierre Cardin Bag

Bag Pierre Cardin

Belt Accessories

Black and Flower Ring

Earring Snake

I love how she got rid all of the button on her coat and used a belt instead. It gives the coat a whole new look. As for the bag, i dont find this kind of form too often so im glad i took a picture of it.

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