New curated artworks: neues museum Nürnberg

Neues Museum Nürnberg

Dont forget to check out the cool stuffs i saw at the neues museum in Nürnberg. Be sure to go there when you are in town. Its definitely worth it. You can take a look at the pics here

Artworks: Neues Museum, Nürnberg

artwork wolf vostell lipstick bomber

Wolf Vostell, Lipstick Bomber

artwork wolf vostell b52

Wolf Vostell, B52

artwork wolf vostell nie wieder

Wolf Vostell, Nie Wieder

artwork stefanz wicky sessel dommage

Stefanz Wicky, Sessel Dommage

artwork ronarad rover chair

Ronarad, Rover Chair

artwork komplot design process folds

Komplot Design, Process Folds

artwork komplot design process chairs

Komplot Design, Process Chairs

artwork julian opie virginia housewife

Julain Opie, Virginia Housewife

artwork franz west stehleuchte

Franz West, Stehleuchte

artwork frank schreiner armlehnstuhl

Frank Schreiner, Armlehnstuhl

artwork francois morellet l´avalanche

Francois Morellet, L´avalanche

artwork ettoresottsass hans von klier elektrische schreibmaschine

Ettore Sottsass & Hans von Klier, Elektrische Schreibmaschine

artwork des in reifensofa

Des in Reifensofa

artwork christiane möbus MAN möbus

Christiane Möbus, MAN Möbus

artwork bruno martinazzi memory maps

Bruno Martinazzi, Memory Maps

artwork bruno martinazzi memory maps bracelet

Bruno Martinazzi, Memory Maps Bracelet

artwork aydan murtezaoglu at room temperature

Aydan Murtezaoglu, At Room Temperature

artwork axel huette furkapass

Axel Huette, Furkapass

Leather bag unisex

Leather Bag Unisex

Leather Bag from the Side

Leather Bag Clutch

Nürnberg Sidewalk

Dont get bored of my leather bag postings just yet…

Leather belt with zipper

Leather Belt with Zipper

Leather Belt Zipper Close-up

Soulful accessories

Soulful Accessories

The second i saw this guy i could just feel how soulful he is and i was right. We talked a bit and he is a genuine guy. As i said before, i love when people where accessories that not anyone can wear and i surely could not pull of that hat.

Leather handbag for men

Leather Handbag for Men

Leather Handbag for Men Close Up

What can you say about leather handbag for men..its just timeless because its literally durable and never goes out of style. What do you think?

Random accessories pt. 1

Necklaces being displayed on Vitrine

Chilean Bag

Braided Hair with Pearl Earring Accessories

An Earring looks like a Mentos

Pearl Bracelets Accessories

Loop scarves are staying for now

Loop Scarves Wool

Blue Loop Scarves

Loop Scarf Motive

Loop Scarf Close Up

They have been around for a while now but loop scarves are staying here for now. People are just loving them. Do you like loop scarves?

Vintage watches never dissapoint

Longines Vintage Watches

Longines Watch Close-Up

Vintage Pocketwatch

Pocketwatch Vintage Close-Up

I just love watches that were passed on. They are just full of stories. Oh btw… Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Converse necklace

Converse Necklace

Converse Necklace and T-Shirt

Converse Shoes

Nürnberg Autumn

Shes a converse fan…can you tell?

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