Vintage glasses from the 70´s

Vintage Shades 70

Vintage Shades 70

I came across a store that was actually selling antiques, but somehow they had this very lovely glasses from the 70´s so i had to take a picture of it.

Vintage christian dior shades

Christian Dior Shades

Vintage Shades Christian Dior

Sidelook Vintage Christian Dior

Nürnberg Dom

Well what can i say, you are never too old for fashion. And this wonderful lady looks astonishing with those christian dior shades. She didnt bought them in a vintage shop thou. She bought them back in her teenage years and kept it until now. I just love that kind of story. But its too bad that most of luxury brands nowadays dont offer that kind of high quality in their products anymore. I just cant imagine that the luxury shades you get today can hold up to 40 years. I say too bad…what do you think?

Filson brown rucksack

Filson Rucksack

You can not talk about heritage brand without mentioning Filson. This brand has been around for more than a hundred years and they never compromise when it comes to quality and style. One of my favorite piece from them is this rucksack. It looks nice, very durable and goes with almost every outfit. Too bad the retails in Europe are selling them for almost double of their original price in the states.

Levis key pouch

Levis Key Pouch

This is a nice and simple key pouch from levis that looks better with age

Freitag messenger bag: blue and orange

Freitag Messenger Bag

Nürnberg Burg

Most of you living in Germany or in Europe for that matter, surely know the brand “Freitag”. But you dont see a lot of freitag bags outside of europe. In case you never heard of this brand you should check them out here . I love their concept.

Accessories and musicians

Wristbands from Music Festivals

Ethnic Bracelets and a Mic

I love musicians and everything around it. How the instruments look, the spirit of the musicians, i just cant get enough of it. Take a look at the first picture. He is so passionate about music festivals that he is just going to keep wearing the wristbands from all the festivals he went to until they are all worn off. And when i see that, i see character and i love that. On the second picture you can see how a mic could change the whole feeling of a photo. Thats why i love musicians. And yes, in case you were wondering i can play the drums, guitars and bass.

Tuck that in your socks

Socks with Pants

Socks are still often overlooked but they can really twist up your look, as long as you are not overdoing it. I mean, this guy is just wearing chino pants. Sure the boots are beautiful, but in this photo the socks create a whole new look. What do you think?

Accessories on wheels: all white holland bicycle

All White Holland Bicycle

I already mentioned how a beautiful bike could be a very important piece of your look. Well this shot is a good example for it. That white bike is literally stealing all the attention in this photo. And that white basket? cherry on top.

Black stone ring

Black Stone Ring

Black Stone Ring

Undercut crown

The Undercut

The Undercut CloseUp

Gold Watch

You know the old saying “women´s hair are their crown” ? well this is a good example. I dont want to discuss if the undercut is still in trend because my blog is not about trend scouting…its about spotting beautiful accessories. And if a crown is an accessory, this girl is surely wearing her crown right. I like how the undercut looked on her. It just looks so cool and effortless.

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