5 Questions for a Designer or a Brand Owner: House of Billiam

Logo House of Billiam

This next brand really shows us how high the quality and the craftsmanship streetwear clothing could offer nowadays. I love how House of Billiam takes classic British fabrics and apply them to iconic streetwear shapes and they are doing it in a very good way. And if thats not cool enough, most of their pieces are available as a bespoke piece!! I mean that is even until today very rare, specially in streetwear. So im very happy i could do an interview with both of the founder: Tom and Rav. Here it is: Tom is T) and Rav is R)

1. Describe your brand with three words:

T) proper hard work
R) british staple streetwear

2. Tell us why your brand kicks ass:

T) Our brand kicks posterior because no matter who you are, we can make a jacket for you that reflects both our approach to clothing and your personal aesthetic…or you can buy one off the rail.
R) it kicks ass cause we offer a bespoke service within streetwear, which means we can make pretty much whatever you want. We also have a collection coming in aw12/13

3. Name one accessory you cant live without and why:

T) laptop, it is on pretty much 24/7 and without it I would have no entertainment or communication with the outside world
R) phone laptop. obvious reasons.

4. Fill in the blanks: When i was a kid ….. and now ….:

T) When I was a kid I always wanted stuff all the other kids had in the playground and now I wear the same clothes everyday and buy nothing
R) when i was a kid i always wanted the clothes the ‘cool’ kids had and now i design the clothes the ‘cool’ kids want

5. What would be your last meal:

T) Probably a lot of wine, I have a nice Penfolds Grange from the year I was born that would do quite nicely if I die in the next few years…as for the food as long as it was a good match for the wine I don’t think I would be too bothered, French or Italian and lots of courses…
R) dine with friends and family at via vaneto in barcelona

Thank You so much Tom and Rav for doing the interview and of course i wish House of Billiam all the success!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from House of Billiam. More Pics

Dont forget to check out their collaborations with Soulland.

Elephant ring accessories

Elephant ring in brass

Accessory elephant ring close up photo

5 Questions for a Designer or a Brand Owner: KLÉ

Kle the label logo

This next interview with Kleting, the founder of the brand KLÉ, is a very special one for me because i get to show you a very good and talented friend of mine. I knew her since way back when she was still studying fashion in Milan. We used to talk about her having an own brand one day. And seeing how successful her brand is right now, is just so overwhelming. KLÉ has only been established since a couple of years ago but the brand has already won various awards and is being sold internationally in selected shops. But thats not what makes the brand stand out. What amazing is that Kleting has given her brand a very distinguished look in such a short time and shes doing it with utterly simple silhouette mixed with complicated cut. So i wont keep you waiting, here is her interview:

1. Describe your brand with three words:
Fresh! Free spirited! Bold!

2. Tell us why your brand kicks ass:
Its how i kick with the headspin to the sky!

3. Name one accessory you cant live without and why:
A huge bag to put everything in it

4. Fill in the blanks: When i was a kid ….. and now ….:
When i was a kid i do whatever i like and now i do more of those whatevers and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

5. What would be your last meal:
……. (left blank)

Thank you Kleting for the interview and i wish all the good things for KLÉ´s future.

Here are some of my favorite looks from her new collection. More pics

If you like this brand, show some love and give some “likes” on KLÉ  facebook page

MCM cognac shopper bag

MCM cognac shopper bag heritage line

Lets all just thank Taz Arnold for making MCM cool again. I dont think MCM could achieve that without their collaboration with Taz.

Dreadlocks as a turban

Dreadlock as hair accessories for men

You know they say that hair is the women´s crown? Well i guess you can say that for men as well. In this case it might be a turban but just as cool.

Turquoise and silver ring

Turquoise and silver ring

A funny iphone case in blue

A beautiful corner in Berlin

Grey turban knot headband

Grey turban knot headband

Tomas Saraceno Cloud Cities exhibition

I spotted her when she was drawing in the hamburger bahnhof museum in Berlin during the Tomás Saraceno´s Cloud Cities Exhibition (full post on this exhibition coming soon). I just love how it all fits together. The look, the venue and the exhibition.

Urbanears green headphones

Green headphones from Urban Ears

A very good example how gadget can be a very cool accessory. So choose your headphones wisely

Felt hat in burgundy

Felt hat burgundy from H&M

Berlin Weinmeisterstrasse

I just cant get enough of seeing women wearing beautiful hats.

Bape tote bag and new era snapback cap

Bape tote bag

New era fitted cap snake pring

This dude is swaggin this bathing ape tote bag and the new era snapback cap with the snake print

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