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This next interview with Kleting, the founder of the brand KLÉ, is a very special one for me because i get to show you a very good and talented friend of mine. I knew her since way back when she was still studying fashion in Milan. We used to talk about her having an own brand one day. And seeing how successful her brand is right now, is just so overwhelming. KLÉ has only been established since a couple of years ago but the brand has already won various awards and is being sold internationally in selected shops. But thats not what makes the brand stand out. What amazing is that Kleting has given her brand a very distinguished look in such a short time and shes doing it with utterly simple silhouette mixed with complicated cut. So i wont keep you waiting, here is her interview:

1. Describe your brand with three words:
Fresh! Free spirited! Bold!

2. Tell us why your brand kicks ass:
Its how i kick with the headspin to the sky!

3. Name one accessory you cant live without and why:
A huge bag to put everything in it

4. Fill in the blanks: When i was a kid ….. and now ….:
When i was a kid i do whatever i like and now i do more of those whatevers and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

5. What would be your last meal:
……. (left blank)

Thank you Kleting for the interview and i wish all the good things for KLÉ´s future.

Here are some of my favorite looks from her new collection. More pics

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Kle the label new collection printed dress

Kle the label new green dress

Kle the label beautiful pink shirt on the runway