MCM coin wallet and dark blue bowtie

MCM coin wallet cognac

Dark blue blowtie

Bowtie dark blue and skull ring

Dont get bored yet because of my back-to-back MCM postings. I´ve just been seeing them alot. But then again i wont complain because i think they look fly. What do you think of the MCM comeback?

Military rucksack

Military Rucksack New

MCM Clutch and bracelets game

MCM Medium Clutch

White casio g shock and bracelets

Black socks with white dots

I guess MCM is really making a comeback huh? Everybody is loving it. As for the wrist game, either you go with very simple or you go all out like this one. Just put every bracelets you have and a nice piece of watch on and you are good to go. Dont forget the socks…the socks is the key.

Vintage small doctor bag in red

Vintage red doctor bag

I love how this red small doctor bag perfectly fits the sweater.

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Marc Jacobs scarf for men

Marc Jacobs scarf for men

Ubahnhof weinmeisterstrasse berlin

Nino swaggin the marc j scarf in Berlin

Brown leather satchel

Brown leather satchel accessories

Elevator Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Supreme bag blue and burgundy stripes

Supreme bag in blue and burgundy stripes

A cool door in berlin hackescher markt

A very fly supreme bag in blue and burgundy stripes

Unique bonnet and vintage leather luggage

a very unique woll bonnet accessoires

Vintage leather luggage

In german there is the word “fabelhaft” which means “fairy tale like” to describe something that is beautiful. I think i would describe this lady as fabelhaft. She has very unique accessories that look something straight out of a fairy tale.

AKG headphones and cassette necklace

akg headphones and cassette necklace

cassette necklace

akg headphones

berlin weinmeisterstrasse

Oh man where do i even begin? This look must be one of my best findings so far. I mean to make a necklace out of cassettes is one thing but to actually pull it off is a whole other story. And this guy pulls it off perfectly. From the beanie, glasses, akg headphones to the cassette necklace it all makes sense. This kind of creativity is what motivates me to take photos everyday.

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