Feather headband for women

feather headband for womens accessories

Black glasses and handkerchief for men

black glasses and handkerchief worn by a dapper man

Wide brim hat in beige

wide brim hat for women

Matching trilby hat and bowtie for women

trilby hat and bowtie in bordeaux

Iphone Retro Handset

iphone retro handset in pink glitter

retro handset for iphone in pink

retro handset for iphone in blue

I have to admit, the first time i saw this retro handset for iPhone i thought it was silly and i didnt think anyone would actually use it. But after seeing it a couple of times, its just about having fun. Plus if you have an iPad this can really come in handy. I mean you cant put that huge iPad to your ear right? i mean you can but i dont know if you should. So would you use the retro handset for iPhone?

Gold ring and gold ring and gold ring

A man wearing gold rings in every finger

The man has more rings than Lebron James…..Dont hate im a LBJ Fans too, but we all agree he should seal the deal by now.

YSL Belt and various accessories

ysl belt worn with gold watches

ysl belt close up photo

Love the belt, the gold watch, the leather chain and that little hint of tattoo…

Pink plastic bowtie

pink bowtie seen on bread and butter 2012

This look with the pink plastic bowtie somehow makes a lot of sense. I love his swag

French fries box earrings

earrings in form of a french fries box

She must love fast food huh?…

Leather headband for women brown and blue

unique leather headband for women

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