Deathwish beanie black and red

deathwish beanie black and red

deathwish beanie seen in the club

Party accessories in black and white

various bracelets for party accessories

ring with peace sign

cool and sexy purse

Yellow Goyard shopper bag

goyard shopper bag in yellow

yellow goyard shopper bag from the back

Bavarian hat and smoking pipe

bavarian hat and smoking pipe

Nürnberg insel schütt 3

This guy is just swaggin in the city with that bavarian hat and smoking pipe. Being true to his roots and enjoying life as it happens…

Headphone Sony MDR 570LPG

Sony Heaphone MDR 570LPG

Canvas tote bag in camel brown

canvas tote bag camel brown

Nürnberg laterne

5 Questions for a Designer or a Brand Owner: Outlier

Outlier Logo

The thing about highly technical clothing is, well they mostly look so technical. But that is not the case with Outlier. They somehow manage to use a function driven design process and high quality technical fabrics without having to compromise on style. I mean when i saw their minimal backpack i was truly amazed. The backpack is made with nonwoven Dyneema so its 10x stronger than steel but yet very light. And then they have the classic wool peacoat that is highly water and wind resistant. Yes to sum it up, Outlier simply delivers amazing pieces. So here it is, the interview with Abe Burmeister, the founder of Outlier (props to Roy for making it happen)

1. Describe your brand with three words:
Freedom, Honesty and Movement

2. Tell us why your brand kicks ass:
We make the things that we think the world needs but that don’t exist yet

3. Name one accessory you cant live without and why:
iPhone is the closest thing cause it eliminates so many other things. We don’t really like objects at Outlier we like anti-objects, things that take the place of multiple things and make your life lighter and easier to move freely around in.

4. Fill in the blanks: When i was a kid ….. and now ….
When i was a kid hungry to learn and now hungry to create.

5. What would be your last meal:
A Clean Slate sandwich from Saltie

Thank you Abe and Roy for doing the interview and i wish Outlier all the success in the future.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Outlier. More pics

Fall accessories

bobble beanie in grey

gold flower ring

spikes earrings

grey leather satchel with studs

Nürnberg insel schütt

5 Questions for a Shop: Civilist Berlin

Logo Civilist Berlin

I first went to Civilist in Berlin in summer 2011 after attending the bread and butter trade show. They were hosting a release party that night. Though i couldnt really recall which release party that was (during bread and butter you have like hundreds of release parties), i do however remember quite clear that the store left a very unique impression on me. When i was there the store felt more like an art gallery than just a regular shop and the people working there really know the stuff they are selling (thats not always the case huh?) Plus the store carries a lot of brands that i really love like Bleu de Paname, Norse and aNYthing.  So im very happy that they did a short interview with Curated Wares. Thank you Hesse!

(The questions are a bit different with the ones for designers)

1. Tell me why your store kicks ass:
Come by, decide for yourself.

2. How do you want people to feel after shopping at your store:
Entertained, educated and entschleunigt (theres not really an adequate translation for this word, but its similar to “zen-like” or enlightened)

3. Name 3 brands that people should watch out for in the next season and why:
Every single brand in our store that comes from Europe
Every single brand in our store that comes from more distant places
Civilist – the brand that comes from Berlin (yes they also have an in-house brand)

4. What is your current food addiction:
Domino Steine
Chicken Wings
Pasta Fagioli

5. Name 3 songs that you have on repeat at the moment:
Rodriguez – Inner City Blues
Mike Jones – Still Tippin’
A Mountain Of One – Ride

So whenever you are in berlin make sure you visit Civilist – Brunnenstrasse 13, 10119 Berlin

Here are some pics from the store

Louis Vuitton grey shopper bag

louis vuitton grey shopper bag monogram

Nürnberg Insel Schütt

I just love that hint of red in the first picture.

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