Vintage leather briefcase in brown

Vintage leather briefcase for men in dark brown

If you can pull off a pink pants, you can wear them all day any day. The look just makes sense to me

Yellow Fjällräven Kånken backpack

Fjallraven kanken backpack in yellow

If you are looking for a simple, cool, durable yet affordable backpack, you can always go with the Fjällräven Kånken backpack.Im not sure that they are comfortable for long hours but for the regular use they should be ok.

Vintage leather tote bag

vintage leather tote bag very well worn

I love how well this leather tote bag is worn. How the color changes with time and you can see the bruises just make the bag more interesting.

Brown furry leg warmers

brown furry leg warmers

house door in nürnberg

Im not always a fan of leg warmers but this girl really pulls it off with that furry leg warmers and those shoes. Especially with a slight hint of those socks.

Filson original briefcase in tan

a man wearing filson original briefcase

Filson original briefcase in tan closeup shot

What else can you say about the Filson original briefcase. It´s very durable, it has timeless design and it goes with almost every outfit. Its just a bag where u can go to the office and to the outdoor with. If you are living in the states you are a bit lucky because they are selling these original briefcases for 215 Dollar. But if you are in Europe, well most of the stores will charge you for around 300 Euros or around 390 Bucks!!! yeah it blows!….But if you dont really care how much it cost, you can get this briefcase in green here

Orange Urbanears headphones

urbanears heaphones in orange

Urbanears is just putting out some cool colors right now

Mens felt hat

Mens felt hat

Felt and leather backpack for men

green backpack from felt and leather

photos of nürnberg near ruinen cafe

Accessories on wheels: Simson schwalbe in blue

simson schwalbe blue

Simson schwalbe front

Nürnberg wall

Timeless piece

Bobble beanie and contrabass

bobble beanie and contrabass

the streetles in nürnberg

Musician just makes everything looks cool dont you think? If you know how a contrabass looks like you would agree that it just looks very beautiful. I came across this amazing band “The Streetles” last week in Nürnberg. The band consists of a contrabassist and a guitarist and basically they just tour around the streets of cool cities in Europe and cover songs. But they are not just covering songs..No no…they cover it so well that the songs sound better when they are playing it. You dont believe me? Just go to their facebook page, give some love by liking the page and enjoy the videos here.

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