Sailor hat and scarf

sailor hat and scarf

Accessories on Wheels: Orange race bike

orange race bike

Dark grey felt hat

dark grey felt hat for women


Small round glasses

small round glasses

würzburg festung marienberg

Safety pins necklace – DIY

safety pins necklace

safety pins necklace sidelook

Just get a bunch of safety pins, bind them up and you have a pretty fresh necklace.

Dittmer + Dittmer Eyewear

dittmer dittmer glasses

dittmer dittmer glasses detail

earring funny black skull

nürnberg henkersteg

Dittmer + Dittmer is a very old school brand who still produces handmade glasses. They normally dont make a model twice either so this brand is very interesting. You can only get them in Nürnberg since they are a very small local brand. But the quality is top notch.

O-Case Cement Hard Case for iPhone

o case cement hard case iphone

levis asymmetrical jacket

bridge in nürnberg

If you like the elephant skin on your air jordan III then this case might be the one for you. Get this iPhone case from O-case here

Piercing rings in neon colors

percing rings neon colors

Silver spike bracelet and two finger ring

spike bracelet and two finger ring

silver spike bracelet

silver two finger ring

Necklace in form of a camera and an envelope

necklace camera and envelope form

necklace camera envelope detail

hashtag party


tweets and tweets and tweets


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