Mismo backpack in orange

mismo backpack in orange

One can just not get enough of backpacks from Mismo

Bowler hat and moustache

bowler hat and moustache as accessories

“The Stache” as an accessory….what do you all think?

Dark blue apron – workwear accessories

workwear accessories blue apron

I envy the people who could wear an apron at work and look so classy like this two gentlemen.

Heart buckle

heart buckle for accessories

Velvet bordeaux bowtie

velvet bowtie in bordeaux

Tortoise frames and handkerchief

tortoise frames and handkerchief accessories

Metal plate necklace accessory

necklace accessories metal plate

New Era Cap – Artist Series

new era cap artist series no. 5

new era cap artist series no. 4

new era cap artist series no 3

new era cap artist series no. 2

new era cap artist series no.1

Red beanie and gold watch for men

red beanie and gold watch for men

If you are also looking for a cool gold watch, this one from nixon is quite nice. Check it out here

Purple scarf and red triangle pin

purple scarf and red pin for mens accessories

I love it when i see a small detail that change the whole look. It was actually the red triangle pin that caught my attention. I mean the scarf is also nice but the red triangle pin really killed it. I dont know maybe im just obsessed with the small details but i think you know what i mean.

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