Curated discount alert: asos germany until 13. November 2011

Asos Germany Discount until 13 November

If you are in Germany make sure to check out these following discounts on Asos Germany until the 13th of November 2011:

1. For the Ladies: 20% Discounts on Party Dresses. Click here

2. For the Gents: 20% Discounts on selected denim. Click here

However if you are not in Germany, dont worry. Just click on the link above and change your country settings on the bottom of the asos website. They also have interesting discounts for your specific country

Have fun shopping!

Leather handbag for men in dark brown

Leather Handbag Dark Brown

Leather Handbag Close Up



Hats for women: red bordeaux and grey

Hat for Women in Red Bordeaux

Hat for Women in Grey

Two colorway loop scarf for men

Loop Scarf Men Two Colors

Loop Scarf Men Close Up

I personally think that loop scarves look better on men. Dont get me wrong, they also look very good on women but loop scarves have more effect on men as on women since there arent too many kind of scarves for men out there. So im happy that the loop scarves came to add more variety in the mens accessories lineup. Oh and i love that small white pendant he is wearing.

Orange stocking

Orange Stocking Accessory

Black rock ring

Black Rock Ring

That ring looks like a kryptonite in black…pretty badass if you ask me

Vintage leather briefcase

Vintage Leather Briefcase - Curated Wares

The vintage leather briefcase….the scarf….the cobblestone…beautiful

Soccer pendant

Thomas Sabo Soccer Pendant

I always love accessories that reveal a little bit about yourself. This pendant was worn by a girl who actually plays soccer and is good at it. So the pendant alone is cool but after i found out the story behind it, i just had to take a picture of it.

Alma vernis bag

Handbag Louis Vuiton Alma Vernis

Dont get me wrong, im a big fan of Louis Vuitton. But its always nice to see someone wearing an LV Bag other than the authentic monogram.

Gold buttons on old coats

Gold Button Red Coat

Gold Button Grey Coat

If you have any old coats that you dont want to throw away just yet but you are bored of wearing them. Go buy some gold buttons and replace the old ones. Simple and quick but it actually gives the coat a whole new look. For some of you who have already tried this….Gold button works wonder right?

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