Accessories with wheels

Accessories with wheels

Accessories Curated Wares

Brooks Saddle


I think a beautiful piece of bike is literally an accessory with wheels. I mean this particular bike would make anyone riding it look really fresh. And the brooks saddle? its just so beautiful.

A turquoise coccinelle

Coccinelle bag

Coccinnelle bag close up

Coccinelle bag front

coccinelle bag tag

Statue prague bridge

Prague bridge gate

5 Questions for a Designer or a Brand Owner: Tasty Cream Clothing

Tasty Cream Clothing

This issue of “5 Questions for a Designer or a Brand Owner” will be with Michael Rowland, the mastermind behind London´s upcoming brand Tasty Cream Clothing. He´s the owner – designer – web designer – photographer of this unique brand. Every piece of the clothing is designed and handmade in London. So i wont keep you waiting any longer. Here it goes!

Note: I did not edit anything on this interview. What you are going to read is exactly how i got it.

1. Describe your brand with three words: London’s Latest Trend
2. Tell us why your brand kicks ass : As we source the best materials from Malaysia to New York, all garments are handmade with a lot of love and care. Designed in London with years of experience working in a company producing specialized items for Lady Gaga amongst others, with designs to make outfits easily creatable with a stunning outcome.
3. Name one accessory you cant live without and why: – My Skullcandy headphones, so I can listen to Hollywood Undead, Parkway Drive or Ke$ha (not embarrassing) on the go.
4. Fill in the blanks: When i was a kid ..” I thought eating grass would make me fly”… and now ….”I’m not much older”
5. What would be your last meal: … That’s a real tricky one… It’s gonna have to be a meal I had earlier this year in Beverley Hills on my birthday, wagyu steak cooked to absolute perfection with well marinated broccoli, and a shot of vodka on the side with an amazing friend.

Thank you Michael for the interview  and i wish all the success for your brand!

Its the socks that makes the look

Leopard socks and Dr Martens boots

leopard and dr martens boots

Leopard socks

If you love details, you will love socks. More than often its the socks that would complete the look and this is a good example. You dont have to show it all off or you might end up looking like a clown (not that i have anything against clowns:).  Just a little glimpse and you´re good to go. And before you know it you will look mad fresh. How do you wear your socks?


New on Curated Wares: Artworks

Hi, im very pleased to tell you that we just launched a new segment “Artworks“. Though accessories will still be the main bread and butter on Curated Wares, i just couldnt stop from sharing the beautiful artworks i have photographed with you. The artworks are arranged after events or venues. Please keep in mind that i wont be updating the artworks daily but surely as often as i can. First up you could see the Murakami in Chateau Versailles here . I hope you enjoy them and that they could be a source of inspiration for you as it has been for me.

Military accessories

guart at prague castle

military belt from a guard at prague castle

military accessories

military pouch

bench at prague castle

There is no denying that military wear has a big influence on the fashion industry in general. And its for a good reason. I mean the details on the uniform is just so beautiful. Imagine using that red white blue rope (i really dont know whats the name of it, little help?) as a belt. That would be one sick accessories. And what i love about this look is that its not the common green/khaki military color. Its more colorful. What do you think about military accessories in general?


What kind of hat do you wear?

mens hat accessories

brown mens hat

mens hat

classic hat

What kind of hat do you like to wear? would you rock those classic hats on the streets?

Bracelets, bracelets and some more bracelets

Bracelets and louis vuitton wallet

louis vuitton print wallet

bracelets accessories

black and gold ring

bellavista prague castle

the view bellavista prague castle

If you happen to be in Prague, there is a restaurant near the prague castle with a magnificent view over the city. Its called Bellavista. You might think that they would have a ridiculous tourist price but they dont. They charge everything just like other restaurants in Prague. A meal and a glass of wine cost round 10 Euros.  The food are also good, so it´s worth checking out when you are in Prague.

Put some studs on those vintage stuffs

studded chuck shoes

studded black converse shoes

round studded shoes

When i was in Prague, i came across this shop that was selling second hand goods with studs all over them. So they buy second hand stuffs, put studs on them and sell them again. Simple idea but very nice execution. They all look lovely, but i only took the pictures of their sneakers. Now i bet some of you have done this already… but for those who havent, wait no more. Just put studs on everything and they will look brand new and cool.

Leather backpack for men

leather backpack for men

leather backpack

prague at night old town

I personally think men should wear leather backpack more often. They look very nice and dont make you look like you are going to elementary school. And above all, leather backpacks dont ruin your look, especially if you are wearing a suit. I bet you´ve seen a lot of men with great suits but then they are carrying this ugly sport backpack. Seriously….you look better with a genuine leather backpack. Dont you think?

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