Accessories on wheels: Simson schwalbe in blue

simson schwalbe blue

Simson schwalbe front

Nürnberg wall

Timeless piece

Fluffy ear warmers

fluffy ear warmers white and brown

Nürnberg hinter lorenzkirche

You can do a lot of things wrong by wearing ear warmers. But in this case i personally think that they both had very cool ear warmers.

Red tassel earrings and socks with cherry pattern

socks with cherry pattern

red tassel earrings

rings with various stones

I personally think the socks with the cherry pattern are killer! So silly yet so ballin. What do you all think?

Blue panasonic headphone and a skateboard

A skater with blue panasonic headphones

blue panasonic headphone worn by a skater

I personally think that skaters can make simple things look cool. These are actually just normal blue panasonic headphones but they sure caught my attention when that skater was grindin on the park bench

Accessories on wheels: white enik singlespeed

singlespeed frames form enik in white

aerospoke singlespeed wheels in white

White wheels fixie bike

I love how people just signed the back wheel.


News Artworks – Tomás Saraceno, Cloud Cities

Tomas Saraceno cloud cities

This is a very interesting exhibition from Tomás Saraceno titled Cloud Cities. Be sure to check out the rest of the photos and the explanation of Cloud Cities here


New Artworks – Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin

If youre ever in Berlin dont forget to visit the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum of Modern Art. The venue was used to be an old train station and then it got restored to be a museum. They have some cool collections from Andy Warhol. Be sure to check other photos from the artworks in hamburger bahnhof here

MCM coin wallet and dark blue bowtie

MCM coin wallet cognac

Dark blue blowtie

Bowtie dark blue and skull ring

Dont get bored yet because of my back-to-back MCM postings. I´ve just been seeing them alot. But then again i wont complain because i think they look fly. What do you think of the MCM comeback?

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Curated Wares on Facebook

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Dreadlocks as a turban

Dreadlock as hair accessories for men

You know they say that hair is the women´s crown? Well i guess you can say that for men as well. In this case it might be a turban but just as cool.

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