Artworks: Street Art in Amsterdam

Street Art Amsterdam IV

Street Art Amsterdam III

Street Art in Amsterdam VStreet Art Amsterdam II

When you are on the way through the old city of Amsterdam, walking by the old Centraal Station which is always your spot when you felt lost and need to navigate yourself again, looking for the first dutch fries, bars, and shopping centers, then you definitely going down to the famous Madame Tussauds at the DAM, where people walk by, shoot some photos of the typical dutch buildings, doves looking cute to catch some food and then, there you are – finally found something really good between all these puppets, darth Waiders, Vampires and other Spiderman carnies. You will find a great gallery with contemporary art, painting and installation: A gallery which is in my opinion very creative by using Words as the most powerful tool. When I was there, i really felt inspired. I can’t wait to see more of it on my next trip to Amsterdam.



Song of the day: The Naked and Famous – Punching in a dream

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Jimmy Fairly ‘Steve’ Sunglasses

jimmy fairly steve sunglasses

It’s finally summer in town and we love to see all the pretty and stylish boys and girls hanging out on the streets. Today i spotted my collegue Benny while we’re on the way to have a good light lunch in Berlin-Mitte when he swaggin his brand new Baker-Cap and his good stylish sunglasses from Jimmy Fairly.

MCM shopper bag in cognac

mcm shopper cognac

rothenburg ob der tauber alley

Accessories on wheels: All black vespa

all black vespa

Accessories on Wheels: Orange race bike

orange race bike

Black bowtie and yellow leather belt

black bowtie and yellow leather belt

Unique antique bicycle

antique bicycle

Streets of Copenhagen near Opera

Umbrellas with wooden handle

Umbrella with wooden handle

I never really care about umbrellas until a while ago after spending a vacation in Verona. I saw a lot of locals with really nice handcrafted umbrellas there. Then i realized that an umbrella is really a fine piece of accessory if you have the right one. When it comes to umbrellas i really prefer the classics than the modern ones. Especially the one with a really nice wooden handle. So whenever you are buying an umbrella dont forget that it could complement your look really well!

Brown furry leg warmers

brown furry leg warmers

house door in nürnberg

Im not always a fan of leg warmers but this girl really pulls it off with that furry leg warmers and those shoes. Especially with a slight hint of those socks.

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