Leather handbag for men

Leather Handbag for Men

Leather Handbag for Men Close Up

What can you say about leather handbag for men..its just timeless because its literally durable and never goes out of style. What do you think?

Random accessories pt. 1

Necklaces being displayed on Vitrine

Chilean Bag

Braided Hair with Pearl Earring Accessories

An Earring looks like a Mentos

Pearl Bracelets Accessories

Vintage luggage

Vintage Luggage

Vintage Luggage


A turquoise coccinelle

Coccinelle bag

Coccinnelle bag close up

Coccinelle bag front

coccinelle bag tag

Statue prague bridge

Prague bridge gate

Leather backpack for men

leather backpack for men

leather backpack

prague at night old town

I personally think men should wear leather backpack more often. They look very nice and dont make you look like you are going to elementary school. And above all, leather backpacks dont ruin your look, especially if you are wearing a suit. I bet you´ve seen a lot of men with great suits but then they are carrying this ugly sport backpack. Seriously….you look better with a genuine leather backpack. Dont you think?

Red and gold

Bags and Accessories - Curated Wares

Red Bag Curated Wares

Red and Gold Ring

Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof

Nürnberg Burg

From now on im also going to post pictures of the locations because sometime the venue plays a big role on how the whole outfit is going to look. What do you think?

Vintage military bag

military vintage bag

military vintage bag

There is something so appealing about buying vintage bags. First of all they always have a better quality than the bags they are producing nowadays, and vintage bags often have a timeless design. The fact that there is an unknown history behind every bag  gets me excited.

Nixon gold watch and leopard bag

nixon time teller gold

I really love the nixon time teller especially this colorway because it looks really sleek. The design is very simple and you can wear it to everything. You can buy this cool nixon watch here

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