Felt and leather backpack for men

green backpack from felt and leather

photos of nürnberg near ruinen cafe

Yellow Goyard shopper bag

goyard shopper bag in yellow

yellow goyard shopper bag from the back

Canvas tote bag in camel brown

canvas tote bag camel brown

Nürnberg laterne

Fall accessories

bobble beanie in grey

gold flower ring

spikes earrings

grey leather satchel with studs

Nürnberg insel schütt

Louis Vuitton grey shopper bag

louis vuitton grey shopper bag monogram

Nürnberg Insel Schütt

I just love that hint of red in the first picture.

Medium doctor bag and felt trilby hat with feathers

vintage doctor bag from velvet and leather

Felt trilby hat with feathers

photo of nürnberg near osheas irish pub

You just gotta love the vintage medium doctor bag.

Mrs heimweh felt cross body bag

Mrs heimweh filz handtasche

A lovely door from an apartment in nürnberg

I took a pic of the bag because it had “Mrs Heimweh” written on it. Mrs Heimweh is german for Mrs Homesick. And i was a little bit homesick at that moment. Yeah i kinda miss Jakarta right now.

Leather pouch purse

Pouch purse leather in brown

Nürnberg Kaiserburg

The North Face rucksack blue and red

Backpack from the north face in blue and red
black socks with adidas sneakers

Leather rucksack in cognac

leather rucksack in cognac

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