Vintage backpack: canvas and leather

Bree Vintage Rucksack

Filson brown rucksack

Filson Rucksack

You can not talk about heritage brand without mentioning Filson. This brand has been around for more than a hundred years and they never compromise when it comes to quality and style. One of my favorite piece from them is this rucksack. It looks nice, very durable and goes with almost every outfit. Too bad the retails in Europe are selling them for almost double of their original price in the states.

Freitag messenger bag: blue and orange

Freitag Messenger Bag

Nürnberg Burg

Most of you living in Germany or in Europe for that matter, surely know the brand “Freitag”. But you dont see a lot of freitag bags outside of europe. In case you never heard of this brand you should check them out here . I love their concept.

Gasoline canister luggage

Gasoline Canister Luggage

Now im not sure that the airport securites would be happy everytime they see you traveling with this luggage. But its still a funny and unique piece of luggage.

Leather handbag for men in dark brown

Leather Handbag Dark Brown

Leather Handbag Close Up



Vintage leather briefcase

Vintage Leather Briefcase - Curated Wares

The vintage leather briefcase….the scarf….the cobblestone…beautiful

Alma vernis bag

Handbag Louis Vuiton Alma Vernis

Dont get me wrong, im a big fan of Louis Vuitton. But its always nice to see someone wearing an LV Bag other than the authentic monogram.

Leather satchel and a fluffy bobble

Leather Satchel Fluffy Bobble

I cant actually remember anymore if i took the picture because of the leather satchel or the fluffy bobble hanging on it.

A mix of accessories

Belt and Pierre Cardin Bag

Bag Pierre Cardin

Belt Accessories

Black and Flower Ring

Earring Snake

I love how she got rid all of the button on her coat and used a belt instead. It gives the coat a whole new look. As for the bag, i dont find this kind of form too often so im glad i took a picture of it.

Leather bag unisex

Leather Bag Unisex

Leather Bag from the Side

Leather Bag Clutch

Nürnberg Sidewalk

Dont get bored of my leather bag postings just yet…

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