Converse necklace

Converse Necklace

Converse Necklace and T-Shirt

Converse Shoes

Nürnberg Autumn

Shes a converse fan…can you tell?

Red, blue and denim

red belt accessories

red belt and denim

red leather armband

red leather armband accessories

leopard scarves

prague near charles bridge

prague in front of charles bridge

Which scarves for this fall

Accessories for this fall

leopard scarves

louis vuitton scarves

abstract scarves

Which scarves are you going to be wearing this fall? the colorful ones or more of the greyish ones? I personally sometimes get bored to see people always wear the same color pattern every fall and winter. Its black, light grey…dark grey…purple, camel brown and navy blue…i think a lil bit of color wouldnt hurt dont you think?

Shiny spikes and metal rings

spike bracelet and metal rings

hashtag party


tweets and tweets and tweets


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