Red tassel earrings and socks with cherry pattern

socks with cherry pattern

red tassel earrings

rings with various stones

I personally think the socks with the cherry pattern are killer! So silly yet so ballin. What do you all think?

Nixon time teller p in blue and javanese rings

Blue nixon time teller p and javanese rings

Nixon time teller p in blue

javanese jewellery

This Nixon time teller p watch was the reason why i like Nixon at the first place and started my obsession with simple and sleek watches. I myself wear the beautiful uniform wares 200 series but its safe to say that the Nixon time teller p showed me how beautiful simple watches can be.

White and grey business accessories

White ceramic watch

silver pendant accessory

AKG headphones and cassette necklace

akg headphones and cassette necklace

cassette necklace

akg headphones

berlin weinmeisterstrasse

Oh man where do i even begin? This look must be one of my best findings so far. I mean to make a necklace out of cassettes is one thing but to actually pull it off is a whole other story. And this guy pulls it off perfectly. From the beanie, glasses, akg headphones to the cassette necklace it all makes sense. This kind of creativity is what motivates me to take photos everyday.

Elephant ring accessories

Elephant ring in brass

Accessory elephant ring close up photo

Turquoise and silver ring

Turquoise and silver ring

A funny iphone case in blue

A beautiful corner in Berlin

Green glasses and brown cord

Green glasses and brown cord

Brown Cord

Green glasses

Sometimes its the simplest things that caught my attention. A simple brown cord as a headband and green glasses with a hint of blue layer.

Funny earrings

Funny Earrings Accessories

Funny Earrings Accessories number 2

Black stone ring

Black Stone Ring

Black Stone Ring

Black rock ring

Black Rock Ring

That ring looks like a kryptonite in black…pretty badass if you ask me

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