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This next interview is kind of a big deal to me. This store was a personal source of inspiration and cool clothing when i lived in Paris in 2007. I even use their room fragrance “l’air de colette” for my apartment until now. Yes im talking about “the” Colette store in Paris. The first time i went to Colette was way back before the infamous masamichi katayama from wonderwall did a redesign on the store. And without any exaggeration, it changed the way i see fashion, luxury and art. Of course there were already a lot of concept stores back then but Colette was different. And i think this is why. Colette has this “fun” flair to it. It sounds so simple but think about it for a second. When was the last time you really had fun visiting a fashion concept store? Most of the concept stores are trying to be so high-end, so ground breaking, so innovative that they sometimes forget to make it fun for people to go there. I mean at Colette you can find high-end brands like Thom Browne and Junya Watanabe but at the same time you can buy a pack of haribo gummy bears! So mix that fun experience with the fact that they are carrying a lot of rare pieces, having its own art gallery and restaurant not to mention that they do a lot of cool collaborations ranging from shoes to polaroid cameras , then you get a picture of how awesome Colette is. Since its opening in march 1997, this store has been so influential in the fashion world even if you didnt notice it. So i think its safe to say that you cant talk about fashion retail concept without mentioning Colette.

Thank you so much Sarah and Guillaume for making this happen.

1. Tell me why your store kicks ass:

you tell me ! but maybe because it changes every week and we work with great designers and artists…

2. How do you want people to feel after shopping at your store:
Ecstatic ?!

3. Name 3 brands that people should watch out for in the next season and why:

For fashion, let’s say :
Mary Katrantzou from UK
Julien David from Japon
Adam Kimmel from US
just because they’re very talented !

4. What is your current food addiction:

As always, Ladurée macarons

5. Name 3 songs that you have on repeat at the moment:

From our new COLETTE SEX compilation :
Prince-Erotic City 45
Cyan / Kindness
Love On The Beat (Krikor & W.A.R.R.I.O. Remix) Serge Gainsbourg

To see pictures of the store visit the wonderwall website here

So whenever you are in Paris dont forget to visit them at:
213 rue saint-Honoré
75001 Paris