rotes bier hausbrauerei altstadthof

meter bier brauerei altstadthof

As a non german i can objectively say that the best beers really come from Germany. And one region does it particulary good. Im talking about bavaria, the beers are good here, very good. It doesnt matter in which brewery you drink. You can basicly just travel through the cities in bavaria and drink at the local breweries until you basically have absolutely no idea where you are and how you got there. In Nürnberg they have this “Rotes Bier” or red beer in english. And i only drink Rotes Bier in the Altstadthof brewery. The beer is so good that i once drank a meter of that beer. It was fun to say the least as i, until this day cant really tell how i survived the night. Anyway you should really try this Rotes Bier whenever you are in Nürnberg.

Where: Brauerei Altstadthof, Bergstrasse 19, 90403 Nürnberg – Germany

What to order: Rotes Bier

How much: Around 3 Euro for a glass

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