nasi campur hainam kenanga restaurant jakarta

I have nothing but love for Jakarta, the city i grew up in until i was 20 years old. The city is famous for its culinary pinball experience. Because all you do is roll from one food stand to another like you were collecting points and there is nothing you can do about it. I chose the word “roll” wisely because you will certainly feel like a fuckin ball after having all that food in Jakarta. One particular meal though has touched me in so many dirty ways i feel so violated after eating it…in a good way. This my beloved readers is #Foodporn. Its dirty, sloppy, orgasmic and addictive. Im talking about the Nasi Campur Hainam in Kenanga Restaurant, Jakarta. Its mixed hainam rice for non indonesian speaking readers. Its basically rice cooked in a tasty broth and served with the best bits possible from a pork. Its the dream team of pork as one may call it. There are a lot of restaurants that offer this meal but make no mistake and just go to the one in Wijaya Center (see map below). So mark this page for your next trip to Jakarta. Yes i know you want to go to Jakarta after reading this.

Where: Kenanga Restaurant – Wijaya Grand Center, Jl Wijaya II , Jakarta Indonesia
What to order: Nasi Campur Hainam
How much: round 3-5 Euro

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